Conveniently located in the heart of Birmingham, AL


Custom Design / Customer Part Number Records

 Using the latest CAD program we are able to design and manufacture the exact knife for your needs. We store all cut files on our server with your part number which makes reordering very simple. Give us a call today for a quote. 

Quick Lead Times

At DSW we pride ourselves with our quick lead times. We have many knives in stock that can ship same day. If you need a custom knife we can still have the knives made and shipped within a business week. 

Global Shipping

Paper converting knives are a very niche business and our business is making sure you stay stocked and running. We ship world wide to ensure all potential and current customers are never without the stock they need to stay up and running. 


DSW converting knives has been around since 1943. The company has been in the heart of Birmingham since its conception. Originally called Dixie Saw Works, our current owner changed the name to DSW Knives when our sister company, DSW Cutting, was born. Since then we have moved to a new location just fifteen blocks down the street and continue to grow along with Birmingham.




DSW completely manufactures industrial knives from raw material. We can design custom knives, alter current designs, and even replicate samples.  From laser cutting the blanks to grinding all of the teeth sharp, we do it all. DSW surpasses all competition with quality, delivery, and customization. 



For any inquiries or questions please call:205.203-4007

Main Office

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1504 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Blvd

Birmingham, AL 35203


PO Box 1115

Birmingham, AL  35201